At Ironman Roofing + Guttering, our experience extends to tiled roofs. Whether you need a new iron roof installed and tiles removed, an old roof replaced or repairs carried out, we have the skills and equipment necessary to complete the job to a high standard.

    Although a less popular option, tiled roofs have specialised benefits. They’re durable, weather resistant, and also work to insulate. Since tiles are individually placed, they provide excellent flexibility – making it possible to accommodate varying pitches and roof angles. In most cases of a re-roof or new roof we could recommend  iron, however we understand it is a personal choice and are happy to lend our skills to your project whatever the decision.  


    If your tile roof has succumbed to the elements, if tiles are missing or cracked, water is leaking or mould is taking over, our roof repair and restoration service can help. We can address functional issues, such as leaks and broken tiles, as well as appearance concerns if the tile colour is fading or discolouring. We can assess the condition of the roof, and if it’s in reasonable shape, a clean may be all that’s required to have it looking new again. Once the roof is clean, we’re than able to re-spray it. It’s important to note that re-spraying won’t work to repair or seal your roof. If you believe that your tiles are in need of replacement – or if we feel this is the case upon inspection – then re-roofing may be a better option.