• Wouldn’t you rather be playing – or watching! – cricket than being up on your roof, cleaning out your gutters? Or worse… inspecting water damage? Never have to clean your cloggy, sagging gutters again Ironman  gutter guards use a fine mesh that extends the roofline to the outer edge of the gutter, meaning leaves and other debris no longer gathers in your gutters. It also means you don't have to risk life and limb to climb onto your roof twice a year to manually empty your gutters!

    Our gutter guards prevent collection of debris from roofs, gutters, valleys and downpipes by creating a “ski-slope” so that leaves and rubbish don’t grip to surfaces but simply slide off. Ironman guard ’s are made of finely woven mesh, meaning that even the smallest materials (or larger pests) can’t penetrate the barriers, keeping your gutter system clean and clear (perfect for rainwater collection).

    Depending on the design that’s right for your property, some of the features our products offer are:

    • the highest CSIRO flammability index rating and fire resistance
    • high-grade aluminium or stainless steel  that will not rust
    • UV resistance
    • Anti-corrosion properties (suitable for coastal and marine exposure).

    When deciding to purchase a gutter guard, it is important to look at all aspects of what the guard should do.

    • It should keep the leaves and pests out of your gutters
    • It should ensure the water is captured in your gutters
    • It should increase the chance of leaves coming off
  • Some systems have holes that are too big or don't cover the valleys. Leaves don't come off and you can just move the problem from one place to another. Some systems use inserts into the gutter and leave a flat surface once installed. The leaves clump on top of the gutter guard and you still have to clean them off your roof. Some systems have tiny holes. They keep the leaves out and the leaves fall off your roof. However, they also keep the water out in heavy rain and the water simply sheets off your roof, cascading over the edge of the gutter.

    Inexpensive do-it-yourself products where you place a piece of plastic mesh into a gutter rarely last a season. By then, the company selling the product has made it's money and knows you won't be back for a refund. Also remember that leaves are persistent and can creep into the smallest of openings or crevasses. If the system you choose can leave a gap or space anywhere between the gutter guard and the tile or metal roof, a leaf will get stuck and call their mates to the party.