• Guttering is an under-appreciated component of any roof, the goal being to ensure all water is directed to drain away from the house, which doesn’t occur naturally. There are various types of rain gutters that are suitable for the individual needs and aesthetics of each project, and we can help you to assess which is the most appropriate style from the following options:

    Box gutters – popular for those that want to hide the appearance of the drainage system so that it blends with the overall appearance of the home. Because this type of guttering sits so close to the home, an emergency overflow system must also be installed to ensure that any access water doesn’t flow into the roof of the house. This style of gutter is typically made from higher quality materials, such as stainless steel.

    Fascia gutters – common type of gutter that is installed directly onto the rafters off the roof. Different styles, materials and colours are available with this type of gutter.

    Quad gutters – popular for newer homes. The shape is appealing to many homeowners, and many of the versions also have overflow slots to provide for proper water drainage.

    Round gutters – these deal well with high volumes of water, and are less likely to become clogged with debris. They look like a semi-circle (although sometimes they have a straight back).

    In addition to the various styles of gutters, they come in a variety of materials, and the wide variety of factors should be discussed with an expert when choosing the correct gutters for your home – including, the shape of your roof, and the weather in your area.



    Tired of the constant leaks, noise and concern over damage to your property? Gutter leaks are bearable at first, but when left unmanaged can lead to severe interior leaks and roof damage. The first place gutters rust is at the lower rear section and this leakage causes potentially costly fascia timber damage. Because guttering and downpipes are constantly exposed to the elements, the conditions of your gutters weakens over time. If you identify a weak or rusted spot, it's normally an indication that it's time for your gutter repair - Though in many cases, a replacement is the more cost-effective solution.

    At Ironman Roofing & Guttering we pride ourselves on superior workmanship and use only the highest quality materials for our guttering, downpipes, and fascia products. Modern gutters and downpipes not only look great, they also give your home added roofing protection by carrying rainwater to the ground.


    Guttering made from COLORBOND® steel comes in a wide range of styles, sizes and profiles (round, square etc) ARE designed to look great and protect your home from the harsh Australian climate. you can perfectly match or complement your roof colour and other building materials, and can be confident of its long-lasting performance. Benefit include

    • Full range of 20 designer colours.
    • 20 year BlueScope steel product warranty for your peace of mind.
    • Made with a corrosion resistant ZINCALUME® steel base for long life.
    • Variety of profiles available to suit any roof application.
    • Made with a durable, exterior grade paint finish that resists peeling, flaking and blistering in normal weather conditions.